Workshop 5

Karma & Rebirth Workshop 5: Going Deeper


How does kamma and rebirth fit into the Buddha’s teachings on liberation, especially the four noble truths, dependent origination, and awakening?

We will be asking questions such as: How do we contemplate rebirth so that it has an real spiritual impact? How does karmic continuity and rebirth without a self work? Does the Dhamma make sense without rebirth, for instance, the idea of suffering?

Please do not forget to read and contribute to the discussions on the Karma & Rebirth course at SuttaCentral.

The following Workshop session was recorded at the Buddhist Library in Sydney on 17th May 2015.

Play the video below and follow along with the slides

The following 2 sessions were recorded at the BSWA Dhammaloka Centre in Perth on 24th May 2015.

Play the videos below and follow along with the slides