Workshop 2

Karma & Rebirth Workshop 2: Historical context


The Buddha taught within a complex, shifting, and dynamic religious and philosophical environment.

His teaching is marked by a conscious and reflective engagement with the views and ideas that he encountered around him. Yet he would always insist that the core of his teaching was based on the direct perception of the truth.

What was new about the teachings of the Buddha? How did they relate to and build on existing ideas?

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The following Workshop session was recorded at the Buddhist Library in Sydney on 8th February 2015.

Play the video below and follow along with the slides

mentioned in part 1:
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Additional video on Ancient India and Hinduism: Was Buddha a Hindu? - Ajahn Sujato

The Workshop sessions from the BSWA Dhammaloka Centre in Perth on 22nd February 2015 are not currently archived at this site.