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  • Opening Up to Kindfulness

    Opening Up to Kindfulness

    Ajahn Brahm helps us to discover the basic elements of Buddhism. pp.174

  • Dependent Origination

    Dependent Origination

    Ajahn Brahm discusses this important Early Buddhist concept, referencing details from the Pali Canon. pp.43

  • Wisdom of Silence

    Wisdom of Silence

    Ajahn Brahm discusses the key aspects of Buddhist practice. The truth is always silent. The lie is always with words. pp.23

  • Dependent Origination

    Dependent Origination

    Ajahn Brahmāli draws out the most important aspects of this Early Buddhist concept. pp.19

  • Dependent Liberation

    Dependent Liberation

    Ajahn Brahmāli on how to cultivate joy and mindfulness that leads to liberation. pp.19

  • A Flower Called Metta Cover

    A Flower Called Mettā

    Ajahn Chatchai gives precise instructions on the cultivation of loving-kindness. pp.47

  • A History of Mindfulness

    A History of Mindfulness

    Ajahn Sujato on "How tranquillity worsted insight in the Satipatthana Sutta". pp.383

The gift of the Dhamma excels all gifts; the taste of the Dhamma excels all tastes; delight in the Dhamma excels all delights. The eradication of craving overcomes all suffering.
— The Buddha, Dhammapada 354
All books on the MettāShelf exist here because of the kind offerings of the authors, their editors, designers, first readers and the many kind people who support the authors efforts. Their gift to us is immersurable, and we wish to thank them all. May the merits from their offerings continue to reverberate around saṁsāra.