Workshop 3

Karma & Rebirth Workshop 3: What the suttas say


This workshop gives a general overview of how the suttas describe karma and rebirth.


1. Transcript of our interview with Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

2. MN041 - Sāleyyaka
definition of ordinary right view; general teaching on kamma.

3. AN03.069 - Akusalamūla
the roots of bad choices.

4. AN06.063 - Nibbhedika
kamma is intention. (only the fifth section/item, which is on kamma)

5. AN03.034 - Hetu
the roots of good and bad; the connection between kamma, intention and motivation.

6. MN120 - Saṅkhāruppatti
rebirth according to intention and kamma.

7. AN10.47 - Mahāli
ayoniso manasikāra and wrongly directed mind added as causes of bad kamma.

8. MN057 - Kukkaravatika
directing the mind successfully gives a corresponding rebirth, but wrong view leads to hell + the four type of kamma.

9. MN060 - Apaṇṇaka
why acting as if there is rebirth and kamma is always right + consequences of wrong view. (§ 1–28 in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation)

10. MN135 - Cūḷakammavibhaṅga
root sutta on kamma, but with important interpretational problems.

11. MN136 - Mahākammavibhaṅga
root sutta on kamma, on the complexity of the relationship between kamma and rebirth.

12. SN36.021 - Salla
eight causes of feeling, of which kamma is only one.

13. AN03.061 - Tittiya
the view that all is the result of kamma leads to the negation of the spiritual life. (only first half of sutta)

14. AN03:100 - Loṇaphala
the lump of salt: well known and powerful simile + a number of other good similes.

15. MN129 - Bālapaṇḍita
various destinations and the path leading there + simile of the blind turtle and the yoke.

16. AN03.036 - Yama the interrogator
how this should be understood.

17. MN068 - Naḷakapāna
the Buddha declares people' rebirths to inspire. (§ 9–24 in Bhikkhu Bodhi's translation)

18. AN07.057 - Sīha
he says he does not know rebirth, but accepts it on faith/confidence.

19. AN10.177 - Jānussoni
what we can do for the departed.

20. SN42.006 - Asibandhakaputta
why prayers do not help for rebirth.

21. SN15.003 - Tears
on the sheer scale of saṁsāra.

The following Workshop session was recorded at the Buddhist Library in Sydney on 22th March 2015.

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The following 2 sessions were recorded at the BSWA Dhammaloka Centre in Perth on 29th March 2015.

Play the videos below and follow along with the slides

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