Questions and Answers

With Ajahn Brahm

Over the years Ajahn Brahm has answered countless questions on sīla, samādhi pannā (ethical conduct, stillness and wisdom) - the three aspects of the ariya aṭṭhaṅgika magga (Noble Eightfold Path).

Here's just a handful...


Is Right Listening or Right Speech more important?


If someone is talking to you about their problems, how can you know the best question to ask to help open them up?


I thought someone was my friend, but they told me they don’t consider me as one. I misunderstood them and now feel rejected. How should I cope with this and understand people better


I find it challenging when my mind is so irritated that it doesn't want to meditate. Can you explain how to apply kindness in such a situation?


I have a close friend who tells me she receives messages from God. What she describes sounds like nimittas—bright lights and immense happiness. She says she sees formations in the clouds and that she dances with the angels. It’s all experienced in the mind. Does this mean that Christians can experience nimittas and jhāna, and that one day she can become enlightened, too?


If our sense of self is a delusion, then what is reincarnated?


I’ve been sick for a while. How can we use what we’ve learnt in meditation to cure illness? Or should we be so content that we don’t try to recover and just let it be?

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Please tell us about dying the Buddhist way. Is it best to leave the dead person for several days?